Veeralo User Tips: Dealing with Frauds

The following tips are here to assure users that Veeralo is a safe and reliable platform. The most common questions are about the transactions or the presumed fraudulent actions. The company's personnel takes such circumstances very seriously, so each client gets the support he or she requires. What should a user do if he or she requests for a transaction or assumes dishonest actions? The Veeralo platform neither stores nor have admission to any of clients' credit card data. Each payment transaction is performed through Apple’s App Store or Google Play, via user's private email address connected with his or her account. Further doubts can occur when a user is buying something within the game.

Transactions Security

As the Veeralo is a third party, the responsibility is on Google Play and Apple Store. If a client that is using a device on iOS has troubles with transactions in Veeralo, he or she has to visit Apple Store customer support, and click on the "Contact iTunes store support" section and click on "Purchases, billing, and redemption" after. Then, the user has to pick the option that fits him or her best. For users of Android devices, the scheme is pretty much the same. The user has to visit Google Store customer support and make a search or click the "Contact us" button on the website. Both websites are in English and have live chats, email and free phone lines for clients.

It is better for users to note that Apple Store or Google Play sends cancellations for any transactions to them shortly after each purchase. Nevertheless, purchases can be bunched together if one have bought few items and might take more time. Such post-purchase actions are controlled by Apple or Google, and can be changed by those platforms. Veeralo does not submit any billing arrangements. If Apple Store or Google Play advised a client to contact Veeralo, the user should address his or her request to [email protected]. It is necessary to add particular details such as transaction ID certificates, proper screenshots, etc.

Sometimes users can assume that it was a fraud activity if after a purchase of game items they did not end up showing in the game. That is false. It is rather uncommon, but sometimes transactions have to process through Apple or Google for 48 hours. If it takes longer, a user should contact Apple Store or Google Play customer support. If an Apple or Google customer support managers have sent client back to Veeralo, he or she have to enter the game; then click on "Settings" section, and press "Help". However, many answers linked to in-app purchases are disclosed at the Frequently Asked Questions section of the Veeralo website, and can be found in client's game’s help section.

Preventing Fraud Activity

There can be several reasons for assuming that one has been a victim of a fraud activity. One of the main ones is a third party asking a password. Veeralo team never asks users for their game account password or personal or financial data. To implement an in-app purchase the most reliable method is to do it within the game. For the further protection from fraud actions, users should avoid any third party agents that can collect personal data, money, in return for guaranteed in-game items. Sale, settling or exchanging virtual in-game money is not admitted by Veeralo's Terms of Service.

If a user assumes that he or she is interacting fraud actions, it is better to contact Veeralo customer service. For more information, a client should click on "Settings" and go to the "Help" section. A user can also report a problem that will automatically incorporate some of the basic game information, which will fasten the response of the customer support representative.