Users’ Privacy Protection at Veeralo

Veeralo protects users' info that was gathered and processed via company's websites and apps, it takes no responsibility for the activity of other users and companies; the management of personal info clients contribute to them; offers or services they allow.

Info Storage and Use

Veeralo gathers and uses the info to generate users' accounts, present services to clients, develop the products, contact users, analysis and generate records for private use. Users that are younger than 13 years old cannot store any personal info at Veeralo. The company stores all info on international servers. In case of the user needing his personal info being enhanced, or if user requires to exit the platform, he can change or remove the info by using account adjustments or by reaching the company's crew at [email protected]. The managers will answer to user's application in a 30-day range.

Veeralo collects info for the following reasons:

  • The company stores the user's IP address, entrance sessions, and location to apply such info in order to observe, acquire and examine client’s utilization of the Veeralo's websites. Users can be required to present a name, a photo, and gender, date of birth, social media account links, a nickname, and e-mail. Such info is applied to make and manage user’s account at Veeralo.
  • The company uses clients' emails to reach them about the interaction with Veeralo websites and notify about company's announcements. User's sex and birth date are applied to examine tendencies and spot promotion activities. If a user does not wish to get these types of promo info, he or she can refuse to get it by sending a request on [email protected].
  • Veeralo acquires info from users through their usage of the forums and boards on the company’s websites, their interaction in polls for the company's merchant or their action in a competition within the website. If users participate, the company can request users’ private info. Participation in such competitions are optional and users, therefore, have an alternative whether or not to reveal this info.

Veeralo does not share users’ private info without it being approved by them or as listed:

  • With users' permission, the company can share their info with other companies for their marketing goals. If a user wishes to forbid Veeralo to pass their info with third parties, he or she should send a request on . Alternatively, a client can interact with a third party directly.
  • Veeralo can employ other companies and persons to deliver services in the company's interests. Such services are info analysis and client support. Such operators and service providers can have admittance to users' personal info in consolidation with the offering of services for Veeralo.
  • The company can share users’ private info according to court request of a third party.

Connecting to the Platform

Users can ask to remove the info about them from the company's blog or public forum by sending a request at [email protected]. The company will inform users whereas info can or cannot be removed. If a user connects to Veeralo's forums or blog via Facebook, then he or she has to contact Facebook customer support in case of fraud activities or info collection.

Social Media widgets enable users to share info from Veeralo directly to their Facebook, Twitter or other profile. Such services can collect info, and if a user does not want to share information, he or she has to contact customer support of social media website they're using. With applying sign-in services, a user agrees to invite friends on social media, or approve other activity such as notifications, ads, etc.

When users visit Veeralo websites or apps on a mobile device, the company gathers and records info such as client's device ID, device type, media entrance control address, global mobile equipment identity, the operating system version, the device name, the email address, and the location. Such information helps to prevent problems with devices and products and benefits to follow user trends.

Veeralo creates a private user ID to trace the use of services. The user's ID is connected to the account at Veeralo and stores information about the use of the app, the performance info, and the download information. By this, the company can develop the apps and improve users' experience.

Third Party Services and Advertising

Veeralo's services can include third party tracking devices from providers such as AppsFlyer and Google Analytics. These third parties apply APIs, cookies, and SDKs in company's services to allow them to gather and analyze user info on Veeralo's behalf. They can gather info about MAC address, geo-location information, device identifier, IMEI, locale, IP address to offer their services. Veeralo's privacy policy does not incorporate the application of tracking devices from third parties.

Veeralo covers advertising within its services. The advertisers can assemble and use info about users, such as MAC address, service session activity, IMEI, device identifier, location information, and IP address. They apply this info to present ads of interest to users. If a user becomes a Veeralo client after clicking on an ad and installing the game, the advertiser will store the info about it.

For more information, users can chat with Veeralo customer support team that is available around the clock to answer any questions.