Veeralo: Terms of Use

When a person creates an account at Veeralo and downloads its games, he or she has to be no less than 13 years old. If one is older than 13 but younger than 17, he or she agrees that their legal guardian has examined and accepted to Veeralo Terms of Use. Veeralo has the right to make enhancements, update, add or remove parts of these terms of use. When users become clients of Veeralo, they automatically agree that they accept terms of use of the service.

Users’ Registration, Account, and Rules

Any person that creates an account at Veeralo must not be underage or should protect the account from using by underage. Any financial data such as credit card info or PayPal should be under full responsibility of the account user. Users cannot sell, lease or pass their accounts, create an accounts using a fake identity or data, or on behalf of a third party. Users can create accounts only for non-commercial goals, and cannot send emails, ads, and other marketing content.

When the user agrees to the terms of use, he or she can create an account within Veeralo. Creation of the account requires choosing password and login name. Both are under full responsibility of the user, and if a fraud action will happen, a user should be aware of that activity and contact Veeralo to change login information. The username or other data should not offend any third party, otherwise Veeralo can change the information without notifications.

After the account was created, a user confirms to follow service’s rules:

  • Users are forbidden to use any software that is fraud or promotes dishonest actions. Veeralo's games should be played in a fair manner. Moreover, users cannot attack company's servers or perform any other criminal actions against it. The actions that users perform should not offend or harass other users in any possible way.
  • Posting of unwanted content that encourages performing illegal or fraud actions, offending users, promote nudity or hate is forbidden.
  • Users cannot post materials or information that violates any copyright, brand, franchise, and trade secret, the right to privacy, a right of publicness, or another privilege of any person or community.
  • Users cannot post other's private information, data about Veeralo's service for marketing or fraud actions. If a user did anything mentioned, his account would be deleted.
  • Veeralo can deactivate or delete any account that has been inactive for 6 months. Users that performed illegal actions would stop receiving services from Veeralo without any refund.
  • Each item of Veeralo's games is the property of the company and users are forbidden to use names of the characters or any other inside data for personal purposes.
  • The users’ content such as photos, comments and other data created by users are also the property of the platform, and Veeralo can remove this information if it’s violating human rights, harasses other users, or attacks the company in any way.

Rates and Purchase Terms

Users can buy game currency and game items for money by the way offered by Veeralo. The company can control, regulate, restrain, modify or discharge virtual items and commodities, with or without notifications. The virtual items are the property of the company and cannot be sold to the third parties by users. All acquisitions of the third party virtual currency obtained through the service are ultimate and non-refundable. The term of game items for use in Veeralo games is a set provided by the company that initiates directly upon acceptance by Veeralo.

Users grant to pay all fees and relevant taxes incurred by the user or anyone applying an account registered to the user. Veeralo can change the pricing for the items and services submitted through the platform. If the company for any reason deleted an account, the user would not have refunds for purchased virtual items.

Company’s Rights and Obligations

Users should understand that Veeralo could require that they allow updates to Veeralo’s games they have installed on the PC. The software used by the company will be updated from time to time as the software used by company's partners that present part of the services. By this, users have to accept any updates to proper functioning of the company's software. Users agree that any error that happened by their fault on their device would not be refunded by the Veeralo. If a conflict arises between a user and Veeralo, he or she should contact the company directly to inquire a resolution by contacting us at [email protected].

No representations, allegations, approvals, rejections, or other acts or breaches by Veeralo shall be considered a correction of these rules nor legally restrictive unless recorded in physical copy, hand signed by a user and a duly elected representative of Veeralo. The company could notify a user by the messages on or via e-mail.